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ensure ideal movement




that lasts the

life of the furniture

Lifting mechanism
AVENTOS HK-XS Lifting mechanism
AVENTOS HK-S Lifting mechanism
AVENTOS HS Lifting mechanism
AVENTOS HF  Lifting mechanism
AVENTOS HL Lifting mechanism
AVENTOS HK Lifting mechanism
Slider system
TANDEMBOX plus slider system is hardware that has been time-controlled, and has truly become a leader in its field – impeccable quality at an affordable price.

        Easy to open.

Closes softly

        and  quietly.


LEGRABOX is based on a totally new runner system, which combines laconic design with smooth sliding. 

Effortless opening and the synchronised and smooth movement of the runners ensures perfect quality.

The straight-lined austere design, clear form with reserved lines, and extraordinarily good and convenient movement – this is the LEGRABOX ideal drawer system BLUM.  Now you can own the best!  

With the BLUM drawers, you can

use the SERVO-DRIVE.

electrical opening system. 

This opens the handle-less drawers with just a light touch of the panel. And they close softly and quietly, thanks to the BLUMOTION system.

Storage system


Innovation  and

German quality

The stability of the vauth-sagel ergonomic system ensures KANSLER’s high quality in the best way.
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